Union Ministry puts brakes on Chandigarh Housing Board’s ambitious general housing plan

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In a setback to the Chandigarh Housing Board’s ambitious project, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has rejected the board’s self-financed general housing scheme in Chandigarh’s IT Park.

A senior Chandigarh Housing Board official said: Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary”.

“We have learned that the ministry has put the brakes on our project, but we plan to raise the issue with the ministry again,” the official added. This area of ​​ours is not an eco-sensitive zone in the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary and he is more than 1.25 kilometers from the ESZ and thus requires specific clarification. ”

An environmentally sensitive zone means that no permanent structures can be built for any purpose within this zone. Up to 0.5 km, you cannot build commercial buildings of any kind if allowed. Also, from 0.5 km to 1.25 km, construction of low-density, low-rise buildings up to 15 feet is permitted. approved.

For the past two years, CHB’s housing plans have stalled. UT administrators had granted wildlife permits, but the same were denied when the files were sent to the Federal Department of Environment, Forests and Climate Change for final approval.

4 bedroom cost Rs 2.75 crore

The Chandigarh Housing Board has already announced a self-funded general housing plan for Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park measuring 16.6 acres, according to which 4BeR (28 DU), 3 BR (448 DU) and 2BR (252 DU). ).

The board has already approved 28 four bedroom units, 448 units and 252 two BR units. Planned for Plot No 1 and 2.

Based on the general housing plan of Chandigarh Housing Board in IT Park, a 4 bedroom flat costs around Rs.2.75 billion, a 3 bedroom flat costs around Rs. The cost was about Rs 1.3 lakh. Ten million.

The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) was to launch the scheme at a cost of Rs 643 crore for the entire project.

At this location, RGCTP’s 6.73-acre parcel 7 was allocated for government housing, Punjab/Haryana nods to officers’ apartments. PGI was also requesting public housing apartments. The University of Tokyo thinks the same.

Each tower, consisting of 28 flats and EWS residences, has been provided to Punjab and Haryana Governments, PGI and UT Management at an interim cost of Rs 56.52 crore, as per the following details. 2 towers each for Punjab and Haryana government MLA, 3 towers for Haryana government dignitaries, 2 towers for Punjab government dignitaries, 2 towers for his PGIMER in Chandigarh , has one tower for his UT administration in Chandigarh.

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