Environment ministry suspends CHB’s IT park housing project

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The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) has stalled the Chandigarh Housing Commission’s much-anticipated general housing plan at IT Park, saying the project site is located in an environmentally sensitive zone in the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Last month, UT administrator Banwarilal Purohit granted wildlife clearance for the project and submitted the files to the ministry for final approval, although environmental clearance was scheduled for October.

However, a recent meeting of the National Wildlife Board (NBW) stated that construction in this area would not be possible as it falls within the Environmentally Sensitive Zone (ESZ) of the Sukhna Wildlife Refuge. was given.

CHB CEO Yashpal Garg said: However, the project area is 1.25 km away from the ESZ where he is allowed to build, so he will consult the ministry again on this matter. ”

In 2017, Chandigarh declared the area within UT within 2 km to 2.75 km from the boundary of the reserve as an ESZ and was notified by MoEF in the same year.

What does the ESZ standard say

According to the Supreme Court’s direction, no permanent structures for any purpose may be built within an Environmentally Sensitive Zone (ESZ).

Additionally, no commercial construction is permitted within the 0.5 km radius outside the ESZ. Between 0.5 km and 1.25 km, construction of low-density and low-rise buildings up to 15 feet is permitted, but above 1.25 km, construction of new buildings, including housing, is permitted.

Under construction from 2020

The housing plan, which features 728 flats in three categories, was first approved by CHB’s Board of Directors in December 2020.

Classified as 28 4-bedroom, 448 3-bedroom and 252 2-bedroom flats, emerging as a 7-story tower, the plan is planned in two IT park lots of 10.51 and 6.43 acres. increase.

The tower has 2 basements and 2 cars can be parked in each flat, in addition to surface parking for visitors.

The exact price of the apartment has not yet been determined, but the cost of a four-bedroom apartment is ¥275 million, ¥3 bedroom flat and ¥$1.3 million for a two-bedroom flat. It is steeper than the last common housing plan in Sector 53 and had to be scrapped due to poor public reaction.

The 16-acre land for the IT Park project is part of 123 acres that CHB acquired from Parsvnath Developers in 2015 after a lengthy legal battle.

Under the Sector 53 general housing scheme, CHB had received only 178 applications for 492 apartments on offer.

Billed as the most expensive public housing project in the city’s history, the plan offered three-bedroom apartments. ¥1.8 kroner 2 bedroom flat ¥1.5 kroner and 1 bedroom flat ¥950,000 rupees. Even after he lowered the proposed rate by 15% to attract more buyers, the response did not improve.

CHB’s attempt to auction 18 residential and commercial lots in IT Park in 2018 also failed to attract many developers due to high booking prices. The board then decided to initiate its own self-funded general housing scheme.

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